Mr. Skaggs

ORHS Life Fitness 1

Self Defense

In alignment with the California Physical Education Standards, the Life Fitness 1 classes take part in a Self Defense Unit in the month of February.
The unit places emphasis on three core areas:
1) physically defending oneself,
2) personal safety/awareness, and
3) developing/maintaining healthy relationships.
We use a variety of instructional tools to meet the objectives of this unit and foster conversations around the three core areas. You can view our unit resources below.

Self Defense Lessons help save a woman’s life

Personal Safety: The Three A’s

Carly Brucia Abduction Video

TED Talk – Our story of rape and reconciliation

TED Talk Presentation

TED Talk Questions

BBC Video – What were you wearing?

Healthy Relationships Lesson #1

Healthy Relationships Lesson #2

Self Defense Alternative Assignment

Guest Instructors:
Gary Merlo – West Coast Martial Arts
James Carswell – Robinson’s Taekwondo, Cameron Park

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