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5K Training

5K Training and Benchmark Final Requirements and Expectations

All Life Fitness I students will be participating in a 5K run at the end of the spring Semester. The following rules and guidelines are put in place to allow students find success in training their cardiovascular system to run the 5k at the best pace for each individual student.

Training Structure

  • Distance training runs twice a week (each block period), see calendar for full running plan.
  • 5K Final Dates: April TBA

Grading Policy

  • 5k Final: Graded based on individual paced mile times.
    • (Best mile time x 3) + 5 minute = Goal 5k time
    • Example: Mrs. Bergin’s Paced Mile Time was 7:10, therefore her goal time is   (7:10 x 3) + 5 minute= 26:30
    • 5k Goal Time Chart and Grading Rubric
  • Students must run entire distance without stopping or walking in order to receive credit for that run (Exceptions are made for students with Medical Modification Plans and/or Asthma)
  • This is a Benchmark, therefore students must complete the 5k in order to receive credit for LF this semester. Students who do not complete the 5k will not receive credit for Life Fitness this Semester.

Modifications and Asthma

  • Students who have individualized modifications due to a chronic injury or asthma may have a modified plan for 5k training. All students must complete the 5k in 46:53 or less in order to pass the benchmark including those with modifications.

Training Run Expectations

  • Be respectful of the trail and of community trail users…Share the trail!!
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Run entire route each day

Hydration and Nutrition

  • Drink plenty of water, even on off days!!
    • Water helps your body regulate temperature which is SUPER important during exercise.
    • Keep a water bottle with you throughout the day and refill it often
  • Eat well and regularly!
    • Choose healthy food options as often as you can
    • Eat breakfast!!!!!! Your body needs fuel for the day, not eating breakfast before your day starts is like trying to drive a car that has no gas in it.

Why 5k?

  • The goal for this benchmark is to allow everyone the opportunity to train their cardiovascular system and learn what it feels like to improve their fitness level through aerobic exercise. You all have learned about the positive benefits of working and maintaining healthy cardiovascular system and now you get a chance to practice incorporating the recommended amount of aerobic exercise into your weekly routine and reach the ultimate goal of a 5k run.








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