Mr. Skaggs

ORHS Life Fitness 1


CREDIT MAKE-UP: Monday Morning Credit Make-Up: 7:15am

Participation at credit make-up is worth 10 points. This is equivalent of one half of a Block day or one full Non-Block day. Students will be given one week following an excused absence or missed participation excused by a doctor’s or parent’s note, to make arrangements for make-up of missed assignments. Missing assignments must be made up within the two week period following an absence. Locker room will be open by 7:05am, morning make-ups will start at 7:15 a.m. SHARP.

*Tardy students will not be allowed to participate.

Students absent due to participation in inter-scholastic sports and mandatory testing will be given credit for hours of regular activity missed (warm-ups, daily exercises, games, and sports). All weighted assignments such as skills tests, fitness tests, distance runs, and written tests must be made up for credit to be earned.

2018-2019 Make-up Dates:

Fall 2018 Spring 2019
27-Aug 28-Jan
17-Sep 25-Feb
24-Sep 11-Mar
1-Oct 18-Mar
*8-Oct 25-Mar
15-Oct 8-Apr
22-Oct 29-Apr
29-Oct 6-May

* Oct 8 will have Swim Make-ups starting at 7:00am at the CSD.

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