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ORHS Life Fitness 1

Final Exam Review

Everything you need for studying in one place! Hope everyone does well on your FINALS!!

LF1 Final – Review Notes

LF1 Final – Review Notes (filled in)

Muscle Man – Interior & Posterior (filled in)

Muscles – Anterior (Blank)

Muscles – Posterior (Blank)

Muscle Movements

Muscles – Anterior and Posterior – Blank (useful to quiz yourself)


  1. Use the study game at to get ready for our muscle quiz!

  2. Create an account at with your last name, first name, teacher initial and class period as your user name (DoeJohnS1).

  3. Study by playing the matching game and the top ten from my class on each leader board will get extra credit!

Anterior Muscle Game (Great for quiz prep)

Posterior Muscle Game (Great for quiz prep)

Great For Final Exam Preparation

Posterior Muscle Movements (Image)

Posterior Muscle Movements (matching)

Anterior Muscle Movments (Image)

Anterior Muscle Movments (matching)

Introduction to Heart Rate Presentation

Heart Rate Project Presentation

Components of Fitness Presentation

Skill Related Components of Fitness

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